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Adding a listing
The most wanted feature in our busy world that will allow your visitors to add listings in a simplified way by filling into few fields only: email and username making your site more attractive to numerous users.
Advance Search
The software offers quick and advanced search options, which are tabbed in a box providing a functional convenience of doing a search for different listing types on the same page and in the same search box.
Rich Admin Console
Software comes with complete admin console. It can handle logos, content, navigation, categories, ad auditing, packages, invoices & lot of housekeeping features. Every thing is easy to use and there is no prior technical knowledge required to handle.
Classified PHP Script
Quick favorites
The most wanted feature in our busy world that will allow your visitors to add listings in a simplified way by filling into few fields only: email and username making your site more attractive to numerous users.
Apart from adding description details to a listing agents/owners will also be able to upload pictures and video files to make their listings visually more attractive to buyers.
CMS Driven
Our job is to work out exactly what we want our content management system (CMS) to do. You will have the features to self managing homepage, the article listing editing and managing pages, listing all articles and images

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Listing grid view

Another feature that provides a visual convenience for users giving them the ability to switch between list view and gallery one. The feature makes browsing numerous listings more convenient and faster.

Listing rating

Offers a simple and time-tested way for users to graphically evaluate listings in terms of fullness, multimedia uploaded, wording etc. User can give ratings what they like and also write their review.

Refined search

A set of filters that shows up in a sidebar along with search results and allowing users to filter search and get their desired results by certain criteria. User can also configure search options as they need.

Structured and user friendly listing

Adding listings is well streamlined and divided into clear steps: choosing a plan, adding description details and adding multimedia. All steps are displayed on separate pages to avoid confusion.
Data Center

Easy to Use

Further our classified software comes with admin console to control day to day classified website operations.There is no technical knowledge required for operating a classified website. Software is user friendly, SEO friendly, Read & works on CSS based design themes.

It is easy to use with great user experiences.

What Other People Say About us

  • Listings in the manager are arranged into a user-friendly grid with all functions ready to be used and displaying the most important information about listings in the grid. A set of basic configurations that offers you unrivaled freedom and flexibility for adding unrelated types of listings like jobs, bikes etc, with each of a listing type configured independently

    Listing Manager
  • You can earn revenue from your site by converting the traffic into ads and membership charges. Google AdSense Private/Public Ads. Membership Charges. Making Pormos and agents Pay per listing. More traffic more sell!

    Scope of Earning
  • Theme comes with a default layout design as shown to our Demo. However if you want to customize the layout design and want to have a unique theme design, it can be done. Since the entire product has been develop under CMS framework, you will enjoy full freedom of changing design css, javascript, phtml, image and contents as desired when reuired.

    Template Customization

Technologies in Use

PHP Classified ad Software
Zend Framework 2 is a well known PHP framework
jQuery is most popular javascript library
jQuery UI provides abstractions for low-level interaction and animation
Ajax the short form of asynchronous JavaScrip
JavaScript Framework & Advanced front-end architecture
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